Nietzsche: Philosopher, Psychologist, Antichrist (Princeton Classics) [Walter Kaufmann, Alexander Nehamas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying . This classic is the benchmark against which all modern booksabout Nietzsche are measured. When Walter Kaufmann wrote it in theimmediate aftermath of. iv NIETZSCHE: PHILOSOPHER, PSYCHOLOGIST, ANTICHRIST. The requirement that every addition before page had to be balanced by an omission has.

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Nov 01, Jamey rated it really liked it Shelves: I find that to be the mark of a true academic.

Walter Kaufmann (philosopher)

I don’t think Kaufmann would argue he’s presenting the “complete Nietzsche,” just a component that in the s had been sorely overlooked — his actual philosophy. Are you ready for a little hope in the world? Jerome Corsi uncovers the secret conspiracy to destroy the Trump presidency and what Trump must do now to prevail.

If you walter kaufmann nietzsche philosopher psychologist antichrist to understand Nietzsche, ignore dunderheads like Deleuze and read Kaufmann instead. Psychologisst Walter Kaufmann wrote it in the immediate aftermath of World War II, most scholars outside Germany viewed Nietzsche as part madman, part proto-Nazi, and almost wholly unphilosophical. However, he questioned Kaufmann’s characterization of Nietzsche as an “Antichrist”, writing that it reflected Kaufmann’s personal walter kaufmann nietzsche philosopher psychologist antichrist of Christianity.

Not really recommended for those who prefer to enjoy life rather than ‘think too much. This section may require walter kaufmann nietzsche philosopher psychologist antichrist to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. Nietzsche is robbed of mystery and emerges as just another philosopher — and not a particularly convincing one, either. Kaufmann looks at Nietzsche’s entire legacy and puts walter kaufmann nietzsche philosopher psychologist antichrist a pretty straight-forward, compelling presentation of his thought.

I read a decent amount of Nietzsche’s writing before reading Kaufmann and I think that was helpful in fact, because I wanted to get my own impressions before being told what to think by an academic, but I do not think I was going to psychologjst very far without help and I am inclined to plough on reading more Nietzsche pnilosopher that I have a trustworthy guide in hand.

Nietzsche was just a bit more of a jerk than Kaufmann is willing to admit, which is very moving, because you love Nietzsche and you don’t want him to have been a jerk, but then there’s all the shitty things he said, and his contempt for weakness, and the crap about the “Blond Beast,” and you’re like, oh fuck it. The Modern Language Journal.


I also thought that the book would be more of a biography than what it turned out to be. Philosopher, Psychologist, Antichrist Princeton Classics.

Nietzsche: Philosopher, Psychologist, Antichrist (New in Paperback)

The sociologist Walter kaufmann nietzsche philosopher psychologist antichrist Rieffwriting in Freud: PaperbackFourth editionpages. Philosopher, Psychologist, Antichrist 4. More positively, he presented Nietzsche’s ideas about power as one of the great accomplishments of modern philosophy, arguing that his conception of walter kaufmann nietzsche philosopher psychologist antichrist “will to power” was not a crude apology for ruthless self-assertion but must be linked to Nietzsche’s equally profound ideas about sublimation.

Killing the Deep State: Login to My Account Register. The elusive quality of this style, which is so characteristic of Nietzsche’s way of thinking and writing, might be called monadologic to crystallize the tendency of each aphorism to be self-sufficient while walter kaufmann nietzsche philosopher psychologist antichrist throwing light on almost every other aphorism.

As one can read from an early biographic summary, Nietzsche surely suffered–physically and emotionally–and Kauffman calls out his famous splits with Wagner and Ree, driven both ideologically and ostensibly through jealous competition for the friendship if not affections of Cosima Wagner and Lou Andreas-Salome respectively. Want to Read saving…. Mar 14, Andrew added it Shelves: The Discovery of the Will to Power.

He advises for example, that if you have committed a blunder, not to turn the other cheek or do good to the evil one,because that would amount to embarrassing him, and instead to commit five other small wrongs, as what’s most abominable a sight is to watch a man be obsessed with the one wrong he has committed It certainly covers a bit of his life, but most of the book focuses on his Philosophy.

Nietzsche: Philosopher, Psychologist, Antichrist – Wikipedia

In view of Nietzsche’s own conviction that the two ideas belonged closely together and that the doctrine of recurrence was the climax of his whole philosophy, the usual approach must be considered perilous. Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles needing cleanup from January All pages needing cleanup Cleanup tagged articles with a reason field from January Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from January Subscription walter kaufmann nietzsche philosopher psychologist antichrist using via Pages containing links philosophr subscription-only content.

It is worth adding that Kaufmann is one writer where it is worth the effort walter kaufmann nietzsche philosopher psychologist antichrist reading footnotes, some of which are gems in their own right.

I give it three philospher only because it was too in depth for what I was after. He set out to question several ideas about Nietzsche that he saw to be flawed; that he was the intellectual precursor nietzsce the Nazis, that he was philosophically inconsistent, and that he was already batshit crazy when he wrote his last books.


Is it ;hilosopher surprise then that he was accused of being a racist proto-nazi? The Mind of the Moralist. Kaufmann is a favorite thinker and author.

Try logging in through your institution for access. Schacht, Richard; Nietzsche, Friedrich Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. The lingering question is: Stories of the Insane. Taken either as a metaphysical argument or a scientific theory and it seems to wander uneasily between niietzsche two it has nothing to recommend it other than the personal preferences of the author.

He praised Kaufmann for interpreting Nietzsche’s psychologst in terms of both their context and the general development of Nietzsche’s thought. To ask other readers questions about Nietzscheplease sign up. Philosopher, Psychologist, Antichrist [Book Review]”. Kaufmann’s ‘Nietzsche’ in historical perspective”. Walter kaufmann nietzsche philosopher psychologist antichrist was a philosopher, translator, poet, and photographer.

This for me, at least walter kaufmann nietzsche philosopher psychologist antichrist undoubtedly part of his appeal. The best guide on the science of your sixth sense and how to use it to get love, money, and more! Refresh and try again. Many scholars in the past half century have taken issue with some of Kaufmann’s interpretations, but the book ranks as one of the most influential accounts ever written of any major Western thinker.

I admire Nietzsche hugely for his style, courage, wit, contrariness, honesty, cheerfulness and psychological insight. He concluded that there is some truth to the charge that Kaufmann, in trying to reverse the “legend” surrounding Nietzsche, went too far in the opposite direction, over-emphasizing the more acceptable aspects of Nietzsche walter kaufmann nietzsche philosopher psychologist antichrist minimizing the problematic or disturbing antichrrist, but that this does not detract from Kaufmann’s accomplishment.

The thought of a philosopher may be partly occasioned by early experiences, but the conception of strict causality is not applicable here.