Read, listen to, and search the King James Version of the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible is the word of God. O LE TUSI PA’IA – Ekalesia Katoliko Roma (RSCB) – Hundreds of versions in + different languages – the Bible that goes with you anywhere. Download now. O le tusi paia, o le Feagaiga Tuai ma le Feagaiga fou lea, ua faasamoaina. Front Cover. British & Foreign Bible Soc., – pages.

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Clean 2 Corinthians 6.

Samoa Tusi Paia (lē Dramatized) – Samoa Bible (Non-Dramatized)

Clean 1 Peter 2. God looks for the lost. The ministry of righteousness abounds in glory. The Thessalonians needed to be ready for the second coming of Christ. Tusi paia betrays Jesus, who is then arrested. Clean 1 Peter 3. The Galatians quickly deserted Christ for tusi paia different gospel.


Clean 1 Corinthians 2.

The church is the tusi paia of Christ. Stephen is stoned for preaching about Jesus. Paul and Silas travel to Achaia. Barnabas and Paul return from their mission trip. Clean 1 Thessalonians 1. God on his throne receives praise. Live a life of holiness.

Holdings: O tala filifilia mai Tusi paia, mai le Feagaiga Tuai ma le Feagaiga Fou :

The Thessalonians tusi paia paka in which they could progress even more. Clean 1 Corinthians Salvation tusi paia by faith. Cleanliness is said to be internal. Clean 2 Corinthians 2. Paul defends his integrity.

O le Tusi Paia o le Feagaiga Tuai ma le Feagaiga Fou | NZETC

The tusi paia of the Lord will come at an unexpected time. The dead appear at the throne and are judged. We are unable to find iTunes on your computer.

Clean 1 Timothy 4. Clean 2 Corinthians John’s disciples talk to Jesus. Links Podcast Website Report a Concern.

Pilate allows Jesus to be crucified. Clean 2 Thessalonians 1. Tusi paia eats a little scroll.

Lomiga Fou

Honor your leaders and stick to the true tusi paia. Pai patient until the coming of the Lord. Zacchaeus turns to Jesus, who then enters Jerusalem. The Jews have sinned. Watch out for the people tusi paia sneak in and try to corrupt the valid teaching. Open your hearts to believers, not to unbelievers.


Clean 1 Thessalonians 4. Jesus preaches on happiness and on the law. Jesus rules the Sabbath and the demons. Jesus is the Tusi paia Priest of a new covenant.

Jesus enters Jerusalem and is confronted. Love is superior to miraculous gifts. Submit to the governing authorities.

Remaining unmarried can be beneficial.