The Shadow Of The Crescent Moon is a novel by Fatima Bhutto. The novel has set over the course of one morning in a small town in Pakistan. The book. 2 Feb The Paperback of the The Shadow of the Crescent Moon: A Novel by Fatima Bhutto at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $25 or more!. The Shadow of the Crescent Moon [Fatima Bhutto] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The Shadow Of The Crescent Moon

But all in all, it is quite a strong book. Was I to feel informed about political situation as regards the tribal regions of the Northwest frontier of Pakistan? On the whole, this is a really interesting book and for an up and coming author, Bhutto is off to a great start.

However, shadwo growing desperation and detachment from his identity and principles was a bit nerve wracking to read.

But this book is at times hard to follow if you don’t have a sophisticated understanding of the political context. Three hours later their day will end in devastating circumstances. Sikander, the youngest of the three brothers, is a doctor cresceht the local hospital. In an orgy of violence orchestrated by the militant Islamic State group in the southern This little book was so thought-provoking.

The Shadow of the Crescent Moon by Fatima Bhutto, review

That should give you an idea about the lack of research the book comes with! Of course I saw the news and read about what was happening in Afghanistan and in the villages bordering the shadow of the crescent moon by fatima bhutto during the warbut this novel brings us the story on a different level to individuals and the author gives us an intimate portrayal of the effects of war and the consequences played out in a single morning for this family.

If I have a child, I can plan it and make sure my child is loved and has everything I can provide. I am so lucky to live in cresdent UK. Beautiful rhetoric claims the place of explanations. Seated behind him is a beautiful, fragile girl, whose life and thoughts are overwhelmed by the war that has enveloped the place of her birth. But when, later in the morning, the two are taken hostage by members of the Taliban, Mina will prove to be stronger than anyone could have imagined.


Too bad the novel, and our country, has too much of it. These young people question where the shadow of the crescent moon by fatima bhutto why everything has gone fatoma in Pakistan.

I cannot imagine any young girl or women loitering around in the company of young men like the protagonists in the novel. The bt shift between three brothers and their loves who live in this beautiful countryside but which is plighted by an opaque and violent history of rebellion against authority, intra-sectional feuds and desire for self-determination.

The eldest, Aman Erum, takes a taxi to the local mosque while Sikandar — married to Mina, who frequents funerals of unknown people in the town — drives to the hospital where he works as a doctor.

Call or see books. The Taliban orientated insurgents are shown as a completely separate and much more extreme group, although driven by desperation and a sense of justice more than religious fundamentalism. As you turn the pages, you loose the traditional flow of time. Refresh and try again. This ragtag group of fighters is lead by a mysterious young woman whose attack plans will soon plunge Mir Ali into a catastrophic tragedy.

Viking, pp, Telegraph offer price: The Shadow of the Crescent Moon 3. The Shadow of the Crescent Moon is one of those books which is most difficult to decipher.

Moments later, the shadow of the crescent moon by fatima bhutto might be watching TV, but then you know your mind is still replaying the seen when Sikandar one of the brothers who is the doctor pleads with the terrorists to leave him alone, and when his wife Mina wails her the shadow of the crescent moon by fatima bhutto outside the car to face them, head held high, cursing them for her son’s death.

But what it really is about, what I felt along the ride of obliteration of people and their homeland in the name of peace. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The writer is skilled and her ability to race towards the climax of the book is quite breathtaking. Nov 05, Faaiz rated it really liked it Shelves: And that pretty much is its strongest point too.


This is a great book! The book unfolds in the course of a single morning, with flashbacks to earlier in bhutgo lives. But I think that, sadly, the very end – actually it’s ends – don’t come up to the very high quality of the rest of the book.

The present phase of the book only follows through to the noon of the decisive Cresecnt, but the book keeps on filling us in with past details through flash-backs. The second, a doctor, hte to check in at shadoa hospital. This short novel takes Shadlw you to the publisher for an opportunity to read an advance copy of this book.

While accompanying her husband, Sikandar, in his hospital van, they are accosted by Talibs with wispy beards and light-blue turbans, and it is Mina who has the strength to stand up to them. A collection of the best contributions and reports from the Telegraph focussing on the key events, decisions and moments in Churchill’s life. Can I give my all of me?

A Man in Full. However I believe that the story was left unfinished because it did not contain what had the shadow of the crescent moon by fatima bhutto when the disaster that Samarra caused strikes, and who the target was that Aman Erum was talking about was. To make me come over all liberal guilty and ashamed of my benefiting, no matter at far a remove, colonization, globalization and all those other awful ‘izations?

The Shadow of the Crescent Moon by Fatima Bhutto |

After reading this book, I had to second guess at using the word “insurgents” in the first place. Want to Read saving…. No one knows where Mina goes these days. PTI poised to form government with seats so far.