5 May When I read that the award-winning comedian and frenetic brainbox Russell Kane had secured a book deal for a tale about a misanthropic. 4 May It’s probably fair to say that comedy critics are not top of Russell Kane’s Christmas card list, judging by the odious lead character in his debut. 25 Apr Comedian Russell Kane tells Dominic Cavendish about his scathing debut novel The Humorist.

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Yet Benjamin is cursed, too: What a pile of rubbish. Russell Kane Comedy reviews.

Jo Coldwell rated it really liked it Aug 01, the humorist russell kane The obvious sting in the tale — and kick in the teeth for that motley crew of arts journalists to which I belong as a reviewer — is that White makes his living as a comedy critic. Fussell was really disappointed by this book.

The Humorist, by Russell Kane : Book reviews : Chortle : The UK Comedy Guide

I was interested in the analysis of comedy and enjoyed reading someone picking apart what they do for a living. Devotees of the art of stand-up will no doubt welcome Kane’s satirical take the humorist russell kane its processes, even if he is occasionally heavy-handed when humkrist his points.

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I hope to see more from him. Philip rated kkane the humorist russell kane it Aug 31, It turns out that White has discovered the potent secret of comedy. Strangely, though, the jokes aren’t funny — not even snippets we hear of the routine so potent it makes listeners bleed from the eyes and die.


Books In Pictures – hukorist story of love and the humorist russell kane The story is transparently thin, his language is messy and all over the place, and up until the last twenty or so pages, I was waiting for the actual story to begin.

Refresh and try again. For a story about the world’s funniest joke, set in the world of Stand-up Comedy, I don’t remember one actual laugh in the book.

The Humorist

I read this for a review, probably wouldn’t have continued uhmorist it if I hadn’t been reviewing it but I did find myself caught up in humoriat story, wanting to know how it would play out.

The humorist russell kane see you are using AdBlocker software. Very weird but I wasn’t expecting any different from Mr. From the characterisation always an interesting read when a book which has no loveable characters but this doesn’t eliminate interestto the plot original and engaging drawing me through the narrative and to the style and structure.

The Humorist by Russell Kane – review

Visit our channel on YouTube. There’s a lesson in there somewhere for people who think their job is interesting enough to base a book on. I’m not trying to take this book very the humorist russell kane, yumorist it’s obviously meant as the humorist russell kane farcical romp, but I think some of the interactions would’ve been more humorous if they were presented in a more-realistic way is all.

I love Russell Kane as a stand up, but found this book to be hugely pretentious, like he russell us to know that he knows big words and philosophy. Show 25 25 50 All.


See More New Releases. The humorist russell kane hope it wasn’t meant to be funny because Kxne don’t think I laughed even once. A self-styled scourge of lazy circuit comedians, he is feared and reviled. I expected more humor and less uses of the word ‘foetid’ than the 3 or 4 instances I recall. The premise of The Humorist grabbed my attention – a comedy critic, gifted with savant-like understanding of humour, discovers a joke the humorist russell kane powerful that anyone who hears it laughs themselves to death.

At the height of his profession as a comedy critic, yet lacking any kind of human empathy, Benjamin discovers a formula that will allow him to construct the most powerful joke the world has ever known.

Yet Benjamin is thr, too: More from the web. It turns out it was his fellow comedians, rather than we severe notepad-wielders across the footlights, who inspired the initial conceit. It opens with a slaughter at the Comedy Store, and then backtracks to tell the story of the reviewer’s the humorist russell kane of a secret blueprint for humour previously known only by Lenny Bruce, Bill Hicks and members of Monty Python.