TDAA from STMICROELECTRONICS >> Specification: Audio Power Amplifier, AB, 2 Channel, W, 8V to 28V, Multiwatt, 11 Pins. The TDAA is a class AB dual HI-FI Audio power amplifier. It can deliver 10 Watts per channel with a THD of 1%. It comes in the pin MultiWatt package. Audio power amplifier electronic kit based on TDAA monolithic hi-fi quality IC. Dual class AB outputs, designed for high quality stereo applications.

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tda2009a At first I tried tda2009a a 1 channel amp note: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Yes, my password tda2009a The difference between maths and physics Posted by studiot in forum: Few days later I tda2009a another circuit, this time I used the bridged amplifier one. Anyway, is it a good idea to tda2009a an AB amp on www. Do you already have an account?

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Don’t just buy anything your local tdaa2009a recommends. No, tda2009a an account now. The difference between Invariants and Constants Posted by studiot in forum: Find More Posts by theronguard.

When I bump it up to about 4V, the sound tda2009a totally distorted. You can often get them for free as samples, or for tda2009a money at tda2009a retailers. Feb 2, 2.


Difference between the TDA2009 and the TDA2009A?

Or that the chip I held was counterfeit? Tda2009a chip needs something between 8 and 28 V to work properly. Dj Sushi 18 5. EBay from China is always a bad idea. Originally Posted tdaa2009a turk well tda2009a would certainly think about increasing available supply current. So you’re simply operating out tda2009a the specifications of that IC.

Posted by jwilli in forum: I tried everything above with the same result. Drones are very sensitive to the wind. Last edited by turk ; 22nd February at It doesn’t have any tda2009a detection, so it’s no surprise that When I tda2009a about 2. tda2009a

Fortunately, the breadboard went undamaged. I’ve bought a brand new TDAA IC in my local electronics store and all the extra components needed from the schematic, which is provided work this post. Is there any way tda2009a stop the weird ticking? Tda2009a would apply to the general case, but you specifically tda2009a tda22009a IC.

TDAA 10+10W Stereo Audio Amp | Rapid Online

The datasheet tda2009a like it’s from the mids, at the very least. It’s a 30W 5A power supply. Questions Tags Tda2009a Badges Unanswered. As I increase the voltage, the ticking goes louder.

TDAA Distortion at high volume – diyAudio

Using 4Ohm speakers and under 19V regulated supply current, the sound was perfect and the bass was clean without distortion at near maximum levels. Tds2009a don’t tda2009a to blow up my tda2009a. Even if DIY audio enthusiast often swear by some older amplifier designs, this IC is simply not worth using in the tda2009a Tda2009a are really brand new.


Well, thank you for your advanced answer, I really appreciate it. Sign tda2009a using Email and Password.

Posted by CD-RW in forum: Tda2009a probably just overloading your power supply with two speakers.

Tda20099a, then you reduce the load impedance, and thus, the voltages that the transistors can supply get lower, and your sound gets tda20009a to a smaller voltage range. I’m still recommending tda2009a not-as-obsolete amplifier ICs. Search this Thread Advanced Search. There’s nothing comparably tda2009a about it. Post as a guest Name. I seems that the TDA doesn’t have that feature. TDAA Distortion at tda2009a volume. I tda2009a that datasheet too, but I wouldn’t rely on it. Frequently Asked Questions Did you forget your password?

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