About Split. A riveting portrait of life after abuse from an award-winning novelist. Sixteen-Year-Old Jace Witherspoon arrives at the doorstep of his estranged. Noté /5. Retrouvez Split et des millions de livres en stock sur Achetez neuf ou d’occasion. 31 Oct So a couple months ago, I was reading this book, Split, by Swati Avasthi for an English class of mine. I, without a doubt, enjoyed the book I was.

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Split, a novel by Swati Avasthi

View all 4 comments. And that transition, folks, is worth seeing. She had two children with her—a boy and a girl. Mar 13, Mike Mullin rated it it was amazing. He confides in her about Lauren, and Mirriam believes that Jace has changed and can continue to do so. Split by swati avasthi least after the second time, for goodness sakes! Eplit couldn’t stop thinking about it. And apparently they haven’t seen or hear about each other for 5 years since he left because, yeah you guessed it, his father beat him too.

I know I can’t do justice to this beautiful novel with split by swati avasthi alone, but I at least owe it to Swati Avasthi for writing such a compelling story to try.

You know where he’s hiding. His character is charming and so smart and his retorts and comebacks are so witty and snarky that they leave me grinning. They kiss, and he apologizes to her.

It was more of a disappointment and sadness. My stomach is starting to flutter split by swati avasthi I know what I want to do, and I have stage fright. This is an excellent book, and Jace was a truly bby narrator.

This is actually the whole story of Jace’s mom. What an emotional read Of course, companionship and healing are the two things Jace needs most, and watching their relationship develop was the most consuming aspect of Split for me. There are as many different reactions to abuse as split by swati avasthi are personalities.


This is where his brother sees split by swati avasthi difference between Jace and his father; Jace knows that he is erroneous in his actions while his father just does again and again, never accepting the fact that he is a savage animal. PERSON that was suppose to care for you and love you was a huge let down and you still tripped through life trying to be a better person.

Split (novel) – Wikipedia

But, either way, she has touched me and captivated me with Jace’s story and Split by swati avasthi never felt such a connection with a literary character as I do now. Stay in Touch Sign up. It made me understand. Don’t we all deserve a better life?

I’ve seen it first-hand and what they don’t know is that the victims are being damaged far more psychologically than they split by swati avasthi physically. Please try again later.

There, the author met a woman who experienced a traumatic, abusive situation. Some YA books make me feel like I am reading something only a teenager would read and could relate to, but the prominence of the characters of the older brother and his girlfriend pushes this book more split by swati avasthi being NA oriented instead of just a YA novel, for those of us who are no longer young adults.

Split by Swati Avasthi

The story is fast-paced and surely a page turner. The story is told from Jace’s perspective, a sixteen-year-old who is kicked out of his house by his abusive father. He’s one of those characters I seem to love so much, the ones I recognize as grey. Meanwhile, it’s Mariam and Dakota that I really grew to respect throughout the novel. It was heartbreaking and gut-wrenching but surprisingly, very hopeful too. Also, I tend not to comment on this but look at the amazing book cover.

The title is perfect. Split by swati avasthi could look at my father and know when to keep my mouth shut, when to piss him off so I could take the hits for my mother, and when only his wife-punching bag would do. I come from a healthy split by swati avasthi wonderful family, but Swati Avasthi was able to draw me into the Split by swati avasthi abusive home to the extent that I could see how the violence and terror the family experienced just became part of their daily ritual.


He also has a secret which he shares with his ex.

Split Summary

She was exactly what both of split by swati avasthi needed. It deserves more attention that what it’s got. How people become victims or abusers. But apart from being a book that handles its avzsthi so well, it’s also worth reading because apart from the abuse Jace and his family faces, it’s more about how each member, especially Jace, try move on in life, forgive themselves split by swati avasthi others involved and grow.

Split split by swati avasthi 12 18 Jan 27, Christian taught me how to ride my bike when I was four, how to read when Splig was six, how to throw a punch when I was seven.

And then there is his brother Christian my heart went out too him too. I took off one star for two reasons. Pave your own path and make your own way.

With nowhere to go, Jace sets out with a little bit of money and an old letter his mother gave him from his brother.