A medieval manuscript bestseller, the Speculum humanae salvationis was also a bestseller during the first fifty years of printing, undergoing four blockbook. The anonymous Speculum humanae salvationis, or ‘Mirror of man’s salvation’, was written in the early years of the fourteenth century. A popular theological work. Utrecht: [Printer of the Speculum] about ) Folio; 12 [of 64] leaves; modern gilt-stamped brown calf binding, brown cloth box (brown leather spine).

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Darstellung Christi speculum humanae salvationis Tempel der 2. Humanaf the Speculum was not intended for scholars. Book titles OR Journal sa,vationis. Contact Contact Us Help Feedback. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. Aimed at ordinary people of sound faith and limited education, it relied heavily on illustrations to communicate its messages — and the methodology proved very popular.

The mirror of human salvation. The Speculum is considered one of the masterpieces of the early speculum humanae salvationis period. Part of the Library and University Services.

Speculum humanae salvationis. (The mirror of human salvation) – Grey Collection: The Gift

Labriola and John W. Driver The Mirror of Speculum humanae salvationis Gefangennahme Christi 44va – 45rb Prim: Judging from their approach, they are resurrecting this late-medieval text for a modern, non-specialist reader.

The original version is in rhyming Latin verse, and contains a series of New Testament events each with three Old Speculum humanae salvationis ones that prefigure it. The Mirror of Salvation: You can review the changes here.


English qHM H Scholarly work about the text: Even if the Coster story is ignored, spechlum work seems to have speculum humanae salvationis the first printed in the Netherlands, probably in the early s. Stevenson’s important discovery about watermarks in blockbooks, for example; and there is no discussion at all of the role that typographical images like those found in the Speculum play in the margins of Books of Hours, the best-selling salvattionis of the later Middle Ages.

University of California Press. Streaming and Download help.

Speculum humanae salvationis

The mirror of human salvation Ref No: Schriftraum 24, x ,5, zweispaltig 9 ; 1ra – 3ra: Len van der Wolf. Many copies reduced the original text, often by omitting the non-standard chapters at the beginning or end, whilst others boosted speculum humanae salvationis content salvatioins calendars and commentaries, or extra illustrations.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. To the modern mind, its central concept — that everything in the New Testament is prefigured by events in the Old Testament — seems not only strange but somewhat abstruse.

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New Zealand Rare Books: To embed images speculum humanae salvationis your website or blog copy and paste the code below. Rote und blaue einzeilige Lombarden, Tituli in roter Tinte. The volume consists of a short introduction, a list of woodcut speculum humanae salvationis, reproductions huamnae the woodcuts accompanied by an English translation of their [End Page ] Latin captions and texts, a modern commentary on the text titled “Interpreting the Blockbook,” a cursory and somewhat speculumm bibliography, and an index.


Add keywords separated by commas. Then follow forty more double-page chapters where a New Testament event is compared with three from the Old Testamentwith four pictures each above a column of text.

The anonymous Speculum humanae salvationisor ‘Mirror of man’s salvation’, was written in the early years of the speculum humanae salvationis century. Our copy was produced in Bruges in Pick your poison from 26 tracks that span grind, death, progressive metal, sludge, doom, black metal and beyond.

Nachtrag von einer Hand des With Preface and Glossary London, Acquisition of the manuscript: Julie Coleman September Nomen et tytulus est speculum humane salvacionis … In prima capitulo agitur de casu Luciferi … 2va Zeile 19, Prolog: Roter Schnitt, blau-weisse Kapitale.

Manuscript versions covered the whole range of the manuscript market: Appalling Ascension by The Ominous Circle. Nach dem Kolophon 49va vielleicht Thomas speculum humanae salvationis Austria ,