7 Jul Sohni a beautiful daughter of a potter was born in Gujrat (currently city of Pakistan situated along the bank of river Chenab) during 18th century. 4 Apr Sohni Mahiwal is one of the four popular tragic romances of the Punjab and Sindh, the other three are Heer Ranjha, Mirza Sahiba and Sassi. Sohni and Mahiwal were legends in the love stories of Punjab, where Sohni used to visit Mahiwal for love, crossing a small river, even after the marriage and.

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She stood ib and thought of a plan to wreck these unsolicited meetings. He would regularly catch a fish and bring it for her. Its all about District Gujrat, Pakistan. If one is affected, others around the sickly cannot help but to feel the same sohni mahiwal story in. This site uses cookies. Punjabi Lok Virsa Blog.

Suddenly one day, the designated potter, along with his family arrived for marriage at the house of Sohni. One night she got the idea of using a baked earthenware un to aid her to stay afloat as she crossed the river. Then his friends, servants and courtiers ask him to go back but he denies.

Thus, the lovers were reunited sohni mahiwal story in death. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Sohni Mahiwal Story in Urdu and English – Folk Love Stories

He went by the name Tulla. The facade of love was easy to keep up, even though she despised her husband.

She ran back inside looking longingly over her shoulder sohni mahiwal story in the house across the river. Mahiwal, at sohi point in his life, was poor. All of the pots had wonderfully intricate hand-painted designs that would set them apart from any other pot.

Sohni Mahiwal Love Story

He could not take his eyes off of her. When the water pitchers or Surahis as well as the mugs were took out from sohni mahiwal story in rotating wheel, she used ij put imaginative but beautiful drawings and designs and these were then put up for sale. Like Liked by 1 person. The two lovers began to meet in secret. He forgotten his status and purpose of journey and stayed permanently in Gujrat.


sohni mahiwal story in At night, Sohni would sit up and look across the river at her lover. This story is originated in Gujrat in 18th century. The sturdy piece of pottery that served as shni lifesaver was melting into the water. His pottery was known in all the land and people would come from all over would to purchase his beautiful pottery. Sohni ate the meager banquet laid before her with great relish that he prepared this meal out of love for her. This reminds me of the ending of another famous Punjabi love tragedy, Mirza Sahiban.

He asked Tulla if he could buy sohni mahiwal story in pot that she was painting. Some of the famous Lots of activity and deadlines in the data science side of my life.

Sohni mahiwa, lost her heart to Izzat Baig. He loved her so much that he cut his thigh and roast for her. A somewhat different version of the story is told in Sindhwhere Sohni is believed to be a girl of Jat tribe living on the western bank of the Indus River; and Dam, Sohni’s husband, was of the Samtia, living on the eastern bank. On the day the “barat” marriage party of that sohni mahiwal story in arrived at her house, Sohni felt helpless and lost.

Dono akathe jee to nahain sake leakin akathe mar jate hain. This ib of love was forbidden. I glanced over at my children thinking that they would both be asleep but I was wrong. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The two began a love affair and they thought that they would be happy together for the rest of their lives.

His pottery was known sohni mahiwal story in all the land and people would come from all over would to purchase sohni mahiwal story in beautiful pottery. Sohni Mahiwal – Pakistaniat.


In Shahdadpur city, presently the tomb of Sohni is found. I was always intrigued with the story of Sohni Mahiwal. I included a picture that clearly sohni mahiwal story in how Sohni ,ahiwal travel with the earthenware pot because I sohni mahiwal story in a hard time picturing this as a child.

He could not take his eyes mahiaal of her. In love for Sohni, he had forgotten everything, his land, people and his own world. Mahiwal was viewing all this across the river he instantly jumped into the river to rescue Shoni but drowned too in that process.

Mahiwal was watching her cross from the other side of the river when he saw the pot dissolve underneath her. For him, the earth on which Sohni lived was respectable as sohni mahiwal story in of a shrine. The next night, Sohni took the pot and began her journey to meet her lover. Without telling his beloved of his pain, he swam a part of the way to her wearing dark clothes so the blood would not show.

Sohni Mahiwal – Folk Love Stories of Pakistan

She informed her mother, Sohni’s mother-in-law, and instead of sohni mahiwal story in Sohni’s husband who was away on a business tripthe women decided to take the decision in their own hands and finish the matter. She knew he came only to see her and she had grown accustomed to it. Leave a Reply Sohni mahiwal story in reply Enter your comment here Sohnl the Name of Love.

Izzat Baig was in love.