Be it any sahasranama (Vishnu,Lalitha, or shiva) – The basic principle behind Chanting this stotra in brahma muhurt 3–5 times daily gives astonishing results. The complete Sri Shiva Sahasranama Stotra chanted in Sanskrit in MP3 format. The Shiva Sahasranama is found in Shiv Mahapuranam and many other scriptures In this app Sahasranamam is presented in English,Telugu,Hindi, Kannada.

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Paryayanaraay, The Lord is the sum total of all the Jeevas Mahaangaay, The Lord has the mightiest and most perfect limbs Shataghneepaashashaktimatae, The Lord bears the Hundred-Weapon shataghneethe noose and the dart shiva sahasranama stotram Nabhsthalaay, The Lord is the abode of puissance Vishaalaakshyaay, The Lord has wide zahasranama with vast powers Mokshadvaaraay, The Lord shiva sahasranama stotram the gateway to liberation Neerajaay, One who has no quality of Rajas one of saharanama three modes of nature Mahaakalpaay, Sahasranams Lord is adorned with divine ornaments Akaaraay, One who knowledge through silence Harayae, The Lord takes away the difficulties and fears of His devotees Mahaavaegaay, One who has greatest speed, greater than the wind Oordhvaraetasae, The Lord has never fallen from His rigid vows shvia Brahmachaaraya Sarvachaarinae, One whom shiva sahasranama stotram everywhere Simhavaahanaay, One who vehicle is pulled by lions Ajaay, The unborn Bahudharaay, the Lord is the upholder of all the categories beginning with Mahat Vishvaroopaay, One who has the universe as His form, in Whom the Universe is displayed Sarvabhavanah, The Lord is the very Creator of all beings Maayaavinae, He is the creator of the illusion that shiva sahasranama stotram all beings Posted December 22, Subalaay, The Lord has great strength which is always used in a good way Sahaay, The Lord is sahasranamz patient Asatae, The Lord is the effect Panditaay, The Lord is the wisest and conversant with all topics which are beyond the senses Aksharaay, The one who is free from decay, does not perish, indestructible sahastanama Kaamanaashakaay, The Lord shiva sahasranama stotram the desires of His devotees, one who destroys desire Prakrushtaarayae, The one shiva sahasranama stotram has destroyed all His foes Satae, The Lord is the cause Kanakaay, The Lord is gold held dearly by all Kaetumaalinae, The Lord looks beautiful with flowers forming a crest on His head like that of the peacock Suraganaay, Stohram who is all the celestials united together Paramaatmanae, The Lord is the Supreme soul, the form of pure bliss shiva sahasranama stotram Aashramasthaay, One who is shiva sahasranama stotram the form of righteous duty shiva sahasranama stotram the four orders Shubhaakshay, One whose gaze is calming, peaceful; the one with sahxsranama eyes Vaamadaevaay, The Lord is the giver of the fruits of all acts — joy and sorrow Pinaakadhrushae, One who protects His devotes by wielding the bow named Pinaaka Sarvaay, He is all pervading Vanijaay, One who is a trader Angalubdhaay, Shiva sahasranama stotram who is always present in the phallic emblem Aavartamaanavapushae, The Lord gives the physical body to those who constantly revolove in the cycle of birth and death Harikaeshaay, The Lord whose senses are the rays that light the objects of the senses, kaesh means rays Nishaacharaay, One who roams at shiva sahasranama stotram shiv the spirits etc.


Vasushraeshathaay, One who is more valuable than wealth Dashabahavae, One who has ten arms Navachakraangaay, One who is the form of a new young swan Devaasurapatayae, One who is the Lord of the Devas and the Asuras Great Great Great Wonderful service to society We want more and more to liberate from this material world. Vanshakaraay, One who promotes the family line, procreates Srotram, One who wtotram other to dance