Have an excellent copy of a Rescue owners manual Free just the Universal Music Pinball Machine (WHITE) AMP SPEAKER LED mod. Hi guys, in the process of restoring a Rescue Pinball by Gottlieb. I have a manual on order from Marco but was wondering in the mean time. The Rescue coin-operated Pinball by Premier / Gottlieb (circa ), and it’s history and background, photos, repair help, manuals, for sale and wanted lists.

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Rescue Pinball Machine (Gottlieb, ) | Pinside Game Archive

Who, where you could rescue 911 pinball manual which Doctor bonus was in effect. View all game high scores Add your high score! Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. All in all, I feel the game has potential, but play is ruined by bad displays and a lack of instructions during modes. Lights are Lock, Rescue 911 pinball manual Shoot the ramp to collect it. The mode ends when either timer expires or you collect the “Extra Bawl” har har.

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Shooting the captive balls collects the lit value up to 60M max. It is lit after you complete all the modes once. At the beginning of a ball, select Resuce of Life or Cave-In. Balls coming from rescue 911 pinball manual Plunger and Main Habitrail are fed directly to the flippers, and are always catchable.

At the end of the lane is a kicker that sends the ball back out the lane, and a post that raises the ball up so it can be picked up by the helicopter.

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I have a manual on order from Marco but was wondering in the mean time would someone had a PDF copy I can look at. Bowen has reported having a 50M rescue 911 pinball manual, 5OM actually bonus! Forgot your username or password? Also, to the best of my knowledge, Neil Shatz’s name is still spelled correctly.

So, after each mode, take time to check the status report, and if you’re getting close to lighting either of these shots, stay alert for the rapidly flashing Hurry-Up lights.

Post passing works fine, but if the flipper rubbers are new, they may manjal too pinba,l friction and rescue 911 pinball manual the ball from rolling over to the other flipper. At lives, Super Life Force is available. Cave-in targets Two drop targets covering a single standup target.

The two are totally independent. Left helicopter dropoff point If the ball is not dropped off the helicopter by the player, it will automatically be released here when the helicopter completes its flight. Is there a limit?

Did you know Pinside is able to run thanks to donations from our visitors? Beating the old record for most lives saved awards a special. R has “hurry-up” shots, but they are what we’d normally call shots that time-out. Shooting the Emergency Room when it’s not lit for anything scores the “Progressive Award”. Once again, the display is totally useless, no instructions, no hints, no nothing. The only awards are Super Countdown 50M at the Rescue 911 pinball manual standup and 5 lives.

It’s mabual to Dr. All the major shots flash in time to a heartbeat sound. If you happen to rescuee one ball in the upper flipper and the other on the lower right flipper, you can still rescue 911 pinball manual the Emergency Room lane while holding the ball on the lower flipper, because the flipper button rescue 911 pinball manual the same two-stage control as on Williams games except DM.

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When you start a mode, some shots will be flashing. Metallica Pinball Pro by Stern. They describe a situation in which lives are in danger.

rescue 911 pinball manual It is normally parked above the bumper area, but when you start manial mode at the Helipad when the Helicopter light is lit, the Helicopter will fly down and pick the ball up. The upper left quarter is the bumper area, and the upper right quarter has the top flipper, lock shots, and a mode start shot.

When you start a mode, there are some pretty good sound effects rescue 911 pinball manual simulate a call to emergency. Be careful, though, since missing this shot to either side can lead to a SDTM drain.

Rescue 911

There are actually some instructions on how to play the modes, but the trouble is that they are only available during attract mode! When hit, it adds 3M to the currently lit rescue 911 pinball manual blue or red.

Locking two balls in the Main Habitrail will start 3-ball multiball when you launch the third ball.