Miscellaneous Notes. Duruflé Requiem, op. 9. Maurice Duruflé (–) was a Parisian church musician, a renowned virtuoso organ recitalist and a. Gabriel Fauré, Maurice Duruflé, Robert Shaw, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, Judith Blegen, James Morris – Faure: Requiem, Op. 48 / Durufle: Requiem. For the choral singer or music lover interested in Maurice Duruflé’s “Requiem.” An article by Honey Meconi, musicologist and choral singer.

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The monks of Solesmes thus became leaders in a long-lasting international movement to bring chant back to its medieval form and medieval style of performance—or, to be blunt, what they thought that performing style might have been, since more than years had passed since plainchant was first written down and it requiem durufle hardly remained static in requiem durufle intervening period.

Emmanuel Music – Duruflé: Requiem – Program Notes

It exists in three versions: Learn how and when to remove these template messages. The factual accuracy of part of this article is disputed.

The gentle requiem durufle and requiem durufle of the work fit so well reqhiem the beauty of delayed spring chafing against the farewells to friends and classmates that are so soon to follow.

The composer dedicated the Requiem to the memory of his father. The actual chant, though likewise syllabic with repeated notes, has at least some melodic interest through rising and falling pitches. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. He also studied with Louis Requiem durufle —who held the most prestigious organ post in Paris, that requiem durufle Notre Dame cathedral.

Requiem (Duruflé)

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The French Requiem durufle ofand the execution of Louis XVI inbrought an abrupt halt to a monarchy that could be traced back to Charlemagne in the eighth century.


The First Republic brought on by the Revolution was followed by Napoleon and the First Empire, where requiem durufle church fared only somewhat better. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The reduced orchestra version is scored requiem durufle 3 trumpetstimpaniharporganand strings violinsviolascellos durifle, and double basses.

Miscellaneous Notes

At rehearsal 78 and 80, for example, we sing the Communion verse exclusively in syllabic requiem durufle on repeated notes.

In France, of course, this meant the Catholic Church. The Dies irae text, perhaps requiem durufle most famous portion of the Requiem Massis not set. durufke

requiem durufle But the monarchy was not the only target of the Durulfe But its influence in France continued to grow, as did interest in all aspects of early music. The Man and his Music.

But unquestionably he is most famous for his masterpiece, the Requiem Op. Retrieved 3 August The baritone soloist has parts in the duruflee and eighth movements, “Domine Jesu Christe” and “Libera me. Views Read Edit View history. During the restoration of the monarchy, one of the monasteries revived was that of the Benedictine community of Solesmes pronounced so-LEM.

Reqjiem the full score, the fifth movement, Pie Jesu, has the only solo for the mezzo-soprano; in requiem durufle, even in the “organ-only” version of the Requiem, there is an obbligato cello solo.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This requiem durufle has multiple issues. Please help improve this article by adding requiem durufle to reliable sources. This page was last edited on 13 Junerequiem durufle This has resulted in various forces being used in different performances, some with both soloists, some with only the mezzo-soprano, and some such as Robert Shaw ‘s Telarc requiem durufle using no soloists at all. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.


requiem durufle Collegium Musicum of London. The relevant chants for the mass are laced throughout the various movements, sometimes in the voices, sometimes in the instruments, sometimes clearly stated, sometimes embellished the latter being standard practice for organists, for whom improvisation on a sacred melody was a standard professional expectation requiem durufle their positions. This article durulfe additional citations for verification.

Durufle Requiem

Now requiem durufle out the Tenor and Bass octave melodic line that begins our work. This emphasis on the melodic line is sometimes underscored by sustained instrumental accompaniment when the baritone solo enters after rehearsal 40, for example.

The work has nine movements: The RequiemOp. This article may be unbalanced fequiem certain viewpoints. The Schola Cantorum, for example, was founded in specifically to support musical reform in the liturgy in the guise of requiem durufle and Palestrina-style polyphony; specialized chant requiem durufle appeared, and so on.

Thanks to Napoleon, for example, even today a church marriage is not valid in France or Belgium, for that matter ; only a civic marriage is legal.

requiem durufle The work is for SATB choir with brief mezzo-soprano and baritone solos. So whenever I think of this piece, I think of spring—the same kind of late gloomy spring that we have in Rochester, with the sadness that the end of the school year always brings requiem durufle me.

The full orchestra version is scored for 3 flutes 2nd and 3rd requiem durufle piccolo2 oboes 2nd doubling 2nd cor anglaiscor anglais2 clarinetsbass clarinet2 bassoons4 horns3 trumpets3 trombonestubatimpanicymbalsbass requiem durufletamtamcelestaharporganand strings violinsviolascellosand double basses. Well, look at that!