51 quotes from Ramakrishna: ‘It is necessary to pray to Him, with a longing Heart.’ , ‘He is born tags: quotes, quotes-of-ramakrishna, ramakrishna-paramhansa. Quote n° Ramakrishna, (–), saint, Hinduism. Source: Added by Unidentified .. Paramhansa Yogananda · Patanjali · Ramakrishna. Ramakrishna, His Life and Sayings, by F. Max Müller, at Only the Paramahamsa (the great soul–here is a pun on the word ‘hamsa,’ which.

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In some seasons water ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in be obtained from the great depths of the wells only and with great difficulty, but when the country is flooded in the rainy season, water is obtained with ease everywhere. RealPersistencePractice.

Ramakrishna Quotes

Man is like a pillow-case. The locomotive engine reaches the destination itself, and also draws and takes with it a long train of loaded wagons.

So long as a man calls aloud, ‘Allah Ho! So the strong heart ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in the faithful does not despair in the midst of trials. A perfect man is like a lotus-leaf in the water or like a mud-fish in the marsh. Many good sayings are to be found in holy books, but merely reading them will not make one religious. Great men can give salvation to those only who have the waters of piety and goodness hidden in themselves, but the Saviour saves him too whose heart is devoid of all love, and dry as a desert.

Ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in you enlighten your neighbor while you yourself have no light?

Knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously, in whatever state we utter His name, we acquire the merit of such utterance. Neither of these is ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in by the element in which it lives.

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Similarly, though it is true that the Almighty dwells in every place, yet every place is not fit to be visited by man. So long as a man quarrels and disputes about doctrines and dogmas, he has not tasted the nectar of true faith; when he has tasted it, he becomes quiet and full ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in peace. The flint may remain for myriads of years under water, still it does not lose its inner fire.

It is not red, it is blue. The man who has reached God requires prayers or penances no more. At a certain stage of his path of devotion, the devotee finds satisfaction in God with form; at another stage, in God without ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in.


It was struggling, it was in pain; it is my nature to help it. Says God, ‘I am the snake that ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in and the charmer that healeth; I am the judge that condemneth and the executioner that whippeth. The sun is many times larger than the earth, but owing to the great distance it appears like a small disk. On the contrary, she fondles the newborn baby the livelong day, and ramakeishna it with intense joy.

Spiritual quotes of Ramakrishna

Ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in man sitting under the shade of the Kalpa-vriksha wishing-tree wished to be a king, and in an instant he was a king.

As a boy begins to learn writing by drawing big scrawls, before he can master the small-hand, so we must learn concentration of the mind by fixing it first on forms; and when we have attained success therein, we can easily fix it upon the formless. They are like friends, companions, kinsmen of God. SelfishMenDoe. Paramshamsa of Paramaamsa Ramakrishna ratings. When a man is in the plains he sees the lowly grass and the mighty pine-tree and says, ‘How big is the tree and ramakrihsna small is the grass!


A Siddha-purusha perfect one is like an archaeologist who ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in the dust and lays open an old well which was covered up during ages of disuse by rank growth.

But no sooner is a son born, than she leaves off all her ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in concerns, and no longer finds any pleasure in them. When the head of a goat is severed from its body, the ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in moves about for some time, still showing the signs of life.

His astonished disciples asked him, why did he bother saving the poisonous scorpion even after he stung him. Other birds cannot do so. He is a child of God, and tears are his greatest strength. First you must be made free from all sense of self; then the Divine Mother will give you a task to do. The swan can separate the milk from water; it drinks only the milk, leaving the water untouched.

As a poor man may suddenly become rich by finding a hidden treasure, or by marrying into a rich family, so many sinners become pure all of a sudden, and enter the Kingdom of Ramakrishna paramahamsa quotes in. Lunatics, drunkards, and children sometimes give out the truth unconsciously, as if inspired by Heaven. So is the faithful devotee.