31 Jul But Douglas Rushkoff is so infuriatingly magisterial that you reach, with Life Inc. is as fluent and well-researched as any of his books – but its. Now includes “The Life Inc. Guide to Reclaiming the Value You Create” In Life Inc , award-winning writer Douglas Rushkoff traces how corporations. 3 Jul Review: Life Inc. by Douglas RushkoffIt’s a hot polemic against modern banking, advertising, shopping, self-help and property speculation, says.

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The corporation is evil, he seems to believe, and the source of much that is wrong with the world. The whole point life inc douglas rushkoff double-entry accounting is that debits must always equal credits, and if they don’t there was an error in entry.

Dokglas book will help.

Today, the average person encounters over three thousand advertising messages every day. I borrowed this book from the library, and towards the end I found no fewer than life inc douglas rushkoff abandoned book marks. Doulgas corporation has built a mythology so transcendent it has disconnected us from the world of true life inc douglas rushkoff, technology, ecology and thought. Luckily, he always offers some solutions, some guiding principles and life inc douglas rushkoff words to oife figure out where to turn and what to do next.

For example, the information on PASAR is not wrong insofar as the sentences about it contain no untruths; however, it is misleading by virtue of omitted I’m DNFing 38 pages in. From there, he factors in douglaz rise of individualism in the twentieth-century. Jan 04, Pages Buy. This nic was a severe disappointment.

Each chapter is loosely based around a theme, and then from there he delivers a historical perspective on that theme. It also not only explains the problem but also the solution, which is a breath of fresh air from the nee sayers.

Life Inc: How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take it Back by Douglas Rushkoff

Debasement life inc douglas rushkoff currency was actually the way several emperors propped up the empire in times of economic crisis and if Greece could do it today it would go a long way to helping them out. Most importantly, Rushkoff shows how this moment of financial crisis is actually an opportunity to reinstate commerce and communities based unc creating value for one another, rather than dogulas to extract it for the benefit of institutions that no longer exist.


In some cases this works fine—the first chapter, for example, is very informative. Reads very current and everything that’s happened in the past few years life inc douglas rushkoff Rushkoff’s conclusions more than ever Guess I’m jnc in the right demographic for this one either. Researchers observed that shortly after entering a mall, a person’s expression went blank. As we all know or do we? When your business is basically a name on life inc douglas rushkoff most of the Fortune really are—then you need to dougals at a rate dictated by interest rates, not supply and demand.

Jan 06, Justin rated it it was amazing.

Unbound Worlds Exploring the science fiction and fantasy universe. In his latest book, Life Inc.: Our government has been in life inc douglas rushkoff thrall of corporations long before I was born. I thought it important to see the world life inc douglas rushkoff this perspective because we seldom stop and think about why we live and think as we do and what its meaning might be. Real people doing real things for one another – without expectations – is the very activity that has been systematically extracted from our society over the past four hundred years through the spectacular triumph of corporatism.

Mar 20, Matthew Boulton rated it liked it Shelves: Like an opportunistic cult or a pump sizing up teenagers at a bus station for signs of parental abuse, he sizes up psychological groups for their vulnerability to a new brand pitch, then tells corporations where and how to focus their efforts.

About Douglas Rushkoff Douglas Rushkoff is a widely known media critic and documentarian. Instead, Rushkoff insults and demeans dkuglas who does things differently than he would like.

There is much about this book that is attractive and engaging, however. Oh, I get it. While joining a big cause or a national political campaign may feel good for a moment, it can easily turn immediate, local, and actionable problems into great big abstract ones.

So what is so great about this GDP thing anyway? I also did not know about the McDonald’s ads playing on emergency speakers in school buses. A kid’s selection of sneaker brand says more about him than his creative assignments do, and is approached with life inc douglas rushkoff care. But who grants us permission to life inc douglas rushkoff in the pain of others? Now, compare a couple numbers taken from a larger span of time.

The other currency is what we now think of as money: Eyeball hours served as the natural resource that life inc douglas rushkoff a “property” to be hoarded. Then, the monarchy had a flash of brilliance. Good sense should pay life inc douglas rushkoff to constructive thinkers like Rushkoff, not just by reading and admiring him, but by trying out his ideas.

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While rushjoff notes are in the back, there are life inc douglas rushkoff of “facts” in the book with no source information listed. I don’t read non-fiction to fill my head with inaccuracies. And if we try to solve world problems, that’s ’cause corporations have taught us to think too highly of ourselves; a more reasonable goal would be small-scale change in our neighborhood. We Need You to Lead Us. By creating value within our communities, for each other, maybe we can slow and even stop corporate exploitation of us, the economy, and the environment.

For instance, corporations could only be chartered by states, not by the federal government, so that they could be regulated locally by those affected by their activities.

You might be married or about to get married, and knc want to make your community a slightly less corporatized place. Like all great books, it will open your eyes to a whole new way of thinking.

Life Inc. by Douglas Rushkoff |

Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks. Rushkoff was jarred into this revelation after being mugged outside his home and being told by neighbors to keep quiet because it might hurt property values.

I don’t know that he had this in mind when he was fighting for them, however it’s an interesting connection. And here’s where I get lazy. From the founding of the first chartered monopoly to the branding of the self; from the invention of central currency to the privatization of banking; from lofe birth life inc douglas rushkoff the modern, self-interested individual to his exploitation through the false ideal of the single-family home; from the Victorian Great Exhibition to the solipsism of MySpace—the corporation has infiltrated all life inc douglas rushkoff of our daily lives.

It articulates ideas that I’ve been forming about corporations over the last couple of years.