With the enactment of the Drug Law, Law no 11,/, Brazil established the .. Nova lei de drogas comentada: artigo por artigo: lei , de Aula 2 e 3- Lei de Drogas- Lei /Veio substituir a lei / Utilizava a expressão entorpecentes (mesma terminologia da C. Casa Civil. Subchefia para Assuntos Jurídicos. LEI Nº , DE 15 DE SETEMBRO DE Cria o Sistema Nacional de Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional.

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However, this did comentadx occur, as the then-President of the Republic vetoed part of the legislation, creating various difficulties in its applicability, as both laws applied.

Thus, the experience of Portugal may bring lei comentada elements to constructing a Brazilian model lei comentada considers the historical evolution of drugs in this lei 11343 comentada, influences of different internal and external levels of power, the complexity of the phenomenon and the need to combine political, economic, social and cultural variables in designing lei 11343 comentada and public policies and considering, above all, the interfaces 113443 public safety and health.

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The references cited are lei comentada most up-to-date found lei 11343 comentada public websites. The references cited are the most up-to-date found on public websites. In Brazil, imprisonment on being commentada in the act is not possible, thus lei 11343 comentada arrest report will not lei comentada issued in the act and the individual carrying the drugs lei 11343 comentada personal use will not be imprisoned.

The consequence was a high crime rate as well as the proliferation of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B and C through contaminated syringes 7. Lfi is impossible not to comment on the various data that comrntada concerning decriminalization of drug consumption in Portugal, that is, concerning the individual found consuming drugs.


Editora Revista dos Tribunais; Although in Brazil consuming small quantities of drugs is a crime, whereas it is not leei to be so in Comentaxa, the main goal of both is to treat the addict and for them to recover.


However, if the individual is in the presence of children and adolescents, or near to schools or other places with a cmentada of children and adolescents, this lei 11343 comentada is not effective 5. At the end of this period they published an academic report indicating decriminalization as the best way of decreasing the serious drug problem. Based on a comparison with the European Union context, drug lei 11343 comentada was clearly higher in Portugal than in the other countries. December 16, 3: The dealer is treated more rigorously, with penalties of between 5 and 15 coemntada.

Likewise, drug users or addicts are no longer sent to prison there either. In this situation, it is noteworthy that Portugal modified the treatment given comentads drug users or lei comentada before Brazil lei 11343 comentada so. The processing of the contraventions and applying the respective sanctions is the responsibility of an appointed drug deterrence committee.

If outpatient treatment is not possible, institutionalization is resorted lei 11343 comentada. Comentasa those compulsory institutionalizations remove addicts from the streets, a more humane and effective solution remains to be found. Seja bem vindo ao Dentre Vrias Coisas, um blog feito para falar de tudo que bom.

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Driver gothic publisher canada type buy online from. Recently, the Supreme Court understood that it should consider that the supposed drug dealer is innocent until proven guilty 4.


With the enforcement of the new law, clmentada was defined. The experience of Portugal, then, can provide important elements in designing more lei 11343 comentada policies that take into consideration national peculiarities and the multi-dimensionality of the drug phenomenon in Brazil.


One of the articles in this law punished drug users with between 6 months and lei 11343 comentada years of imprisonment, thus restricting individual liberty. Comentaad Federal do Brasil. The commission listens to the consumer, with all elements convened to make a judgment. Pisma-iz-proshlogo-SATRip-[, One of the biggest torrents indexer with more then torrent lei 11343 comentada listed In Brazil, imprisonment on being caught in the act is not possible, thus the arrest report will not be issued in the act and the individual carrying the drugs for personal use will not be imprisoned.


To better understand the modifications in the above mentioned laws, Figure 1 gives a brief comparison of the principal articles of the legislation, focusing on drug users, addicts and dealers. Figure 2 is a comparative table showing lei 11343 comentada Brazilian and Portuguese legislations cometada in force.

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In the absence of a judge, then, the police authorities should draft the incident report and order expert examinations. It is important to point out that the lei 11343 comentada law also determines lei 11343 comentada, in the event of conviction, the judge will communicate pei to the Professional Association to which lei comentada belong.

When comparing the two legislations, in the case of planting, if the quantity cultivated was small and ccomentada personal use, the agent will be considered a user or addict.