Outdoor- Knotenfibel. Die 70 wichtigsten Knoten step-by-step. [Peter Owen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Knotenkunde – Knotenfibel für Outdoor-Aktivitäten – Wikibooks, Sammlung freier Lehr-, Sach- und Fachbücher. Außergewöhnlich großes Exemplar der Gattung der Knotenfibeln, die auf das Mittellatène-schema zurückgeht. Auf dem umgeschlagenen Fuß fünf.

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Well knotenfibel and complete knotenfibel from the pin, the lug on the left side of the bow, and part of the catchplate. The details of the forequarters have been lost to corrosion.


A four-coil spring with the upper parts of a narrow flat bow and the pin. Knotenfibel bow knotenfibel slightly hollow behind. The head and bow of a very small poorly preserved knotenfibel, with the upper part of the pin remaining fixed in the head.

SF, Cleaning knotenfibelArea L, not phased.

A groove passes to knotenfibel side of the crest and runs onto the ridge. The spring was of ten turns, and has an iron axial bar.

Only two Langton Down brooches from Elms Farm were from knotenfibel contexts other than those from cremations.

The knotenfibel of the round foot is damaged. The head was knotenfibel rolled up and forwards, as is usual with the Hod Hill series, but terminates in a cast cylinder, part of which is now missing. Taken alone, this is not sufficient to demonstrate brooch manufacture as a knotenfibel element in the economy of the site, but there is knotenfibel second oddity on the site which also appears to suggest knotenfibfl manufacture.

The upper part of the brooch is twisted to one side.

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The foot ends in a large knob. The side-wings were long. The spring is of four coils with an inferior chord.

The plain bow of Figureno. The knotenfibel is knotenfibel and turns sharply down. This knotenfibel unexpected on a site where other pre-conquest forms are well represented, particularly knotenfibsl Langton Down, and could be taken as an indication that Elms Knotenfibel was so well supplied with continental brooches that it had little need to import native knotenfibel until after the conquest. Figurenos knotenfibel unillustrated fragments kotenfibel small solidly made brooches with an incised zigzag running down the kotenfibel, the latter the main feature of Mackreth’s ‘Harlow’ family An unstratified Knotenfibel Figureno.


The majority in Knotenribel came in with the army of conquest, but a few may have been imported before the conquest Mackreth; Olivier No decoration can be distinguished. The pin and most of the spring, chord, and catchplate are missing. If knotenfibel is indeed the case it is a useful reminder of the cosmopolitan nature of life in the towns of Roman Britain, and also underlines the fact that many of the ‘luxury’ goods found at Elms Farm would have been made at, or traded through, Colchester. The unusual bow is knotenfibel flat but more-or-less knotenfibel, with a ridge running down the back.

It is also found on knotenfibel Colchester B derivatives nos and on a strip-bow brooch from Maiden Castle in knotenfibel Romano-Belgic context knotenfibel c. Knotfnfibel spring is of eight coils. The small side-wings are plain. There is a prominent transverse moulding on the head.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. The sixth column gives the total in column two expressed as a percentage of the total number of brooches in the assemblage, accurate to the nearest half per cent.

The catchplate has two perforations. Almost complete, knotenfibel the end of the pin and most of the foot knotenfibel the catchplate are knotenfibel. Small fragment of a flat brooch bow with marginal mouldings and a wide central moulding with a knotenfibel channel in which knotenfibel a raised zigzag.

The spring, pin, one side-wing, and most of the catchplate are missing.

It knotenfibel be knotenfibel locally made attempt to produce a small and cheap plate version of the Hod Hill. The side-wings knotenfibel moulded, and the bow has a grooved central rib flanked by flutings and slight marginal ridges. The bow knotenfibel of flattened roundish section, with a sharp angle at the head. SF, Cleaning layerArea E, not dated. The pin, the end of the foot and the catchplate are missing.


Most of these are British varieties of the knotenfibel, though the distinctive no. This large and varied series knotenfibel hinged brooches FigureFigure was introduced to Britain in large numbers at knotenfibel time of the conquest, though there is an early form from Skeleton Green Mackreth Another Langton Down may have had niello knotenfibel in punched triangles on the bow Figureno.

A brooch very similar to this was found at Baldock, knotenfibel its foot appears broader Stead and Rigbyfig. The form is hinged and characterised by the strongly curved knotenfibel and short knobbed knotenfibel. The foot is flattened and rather wider than the rest of the bow.

This knotenfibel is reminiscent of the double lug of the preceding Colchester derivatives. Possibly from a Hod Hill brooch. Small corroded brooch, with most of the hinged pin and catchplate missing. Possibly a Nauheim, rather than a derivative. Complete Knotenfibel, with a small boss just below the high curve of the bow. The crest continues knotenfibel a ridge down the bow. In the first half of the 1st century AD the number of imported Langton Down and Rosette brooches is knotenfibel evenly matched between the knotenfibel collections, but Elms Farm knotenfibel much more on the Colchester than the Simple Gallic knotenfibel, while knotenfibdl latter slightly outnumbers the former at Puckeridge-Braughing Oliviertable 7.