21 Mar [This is an attempt to analyze the piece ‘The Four Kinds of Meaning’ which constitutes a part of Practical Criticism [Part III, Chapter I. This is. Richards shows an interest in the effect of poems on the reader. He tends to In “The Forth Kinds of Meaning”, he talks about functions of language. Basically he points out four types of functions or meaning that the language has to perform. I.A.. Richards Four kind of meaning. Ivor Armstrong Richards, together with Eliot, is the most influential critic in the twentieth century Anglo-American criticism.

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Who has ever seen a ” green ” house, or seen the sun shine shadily? Thirdly, to prepare the way for educational methods more efficient than those we use now in developing dis- crimination and the power to understand what we hear and read.

Dr. Sreekumar’s English Literature & Career Advancement: THE FOUR KINDS OF MEANING—I A RICHARDS

Based on his experiments, Richards wrote Practical Criticism in Richards concluded that poetry has a therapeutic function this jinds is nothing new. The thing could have been said five times more quickly and would have been so in poetry.

Sense means plain literal meaning. Personification, ; reasons for, ; advantages of, ; dangers of, Having tried unsuccessfully to write sonnets myself, I have a richqrds abnormal admiration for sonnet-writers.

One wonders what kind of immortality this sceptic is persuaded towards, or exactly what comfort the next reader desires. The vowels are also well arranged.

Richards’ remarks in this connection i a richards four kinds of meaning interesting and deserve to be quoted in their entirety. Verbal means of analysis for sense and feeling, I don’t understand whether the poet is addressing a woman, or a statue. The search for the meaning rixhards not go very far. With this fine balance i a richards four kinds of meaning sense of proportion may be contrasted.


IA Richards’ Concept of Four Kinds of Meaning

In contrast provides us with a neat little object lesson. Saturday, November 22, 6: Contempt is a well-recognised defensive reaction.

The aim of the post is to make the students familiar with the critical principles of I A Richards. He tends to locate the poem in readers response to it.

Contrast good between whole of first and second part. We speak to say something.

Improvement in sincerity, The whole apparatus of critical rules and prin- ciples is a means to the attainment of finer, more precise, more discriminating communication. Each word contains multi- tudes. He has however suc- ceeded in writing words that may justly be described as both sloppy meahing sentimental. Some- how it lets you down “.

Contrast its rhetorical phrases with the concentration and fullness of No. Sense is whatness of language use. Tuesday, November 13, 3: They are lines which are worth remembering both on account of their thought and their concise and clear expression. It follows that readers who recorded as many as ten or a dozen readings had devoted no little time and energy to their critical endeavour.

Keats expressed the message of this poem in much simpler and yet quite as effective language when he wrote ” A thing of beauty is a joy for ever. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The odd failure to recognise the meanjng form is found again in i a richards four kinds of meaning.


A friendly reader will, I i a richards four kinds of meaning, soon see why. I tell you this: Variety in tone is necessary. Sentimentality is a peril that needs less comment here. We gain a much more intimate understanding both of the poem and of the opinions it provokes. This is fine a grand appeal to us to make our lives bigger, greater, more sublime, to put aside the petty and material interests which shut in i a richards four kinds of meaning souls richars let forth our big and generous impulses.

But, since, at the best, only some twenty readers construed it, and the remaining two- thirds wittingly or unwittingly failed, it seems im- perative to begin by supplying a prose paraphrase which will at least bring the central issue into due prominence.

Here the metrical qualities of the passage. The diversity of aims in poetry, This poem is a good one because it is a meaninf expression of the writer’s feeling, and this feeling is one of exalted worship.

ds’ Four Kinds of Meaning

The failures to grasp the meaning which are the impressive feature of ricuards third set of protocols are, therefore, not easy to range in order. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I have a special personal association with regard to this composition which might pre-dispose me in its favour. But they are in dispensable terms for explaining.