The Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS) is one of the major components of the Single Spine Pay Policy (SSPP) introduced by the Government of Ghana and. I AM SURE EVERYONE IN GHANA IS AWARE OF THE DIFFICULTIES ASSOCIATED WITH THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE SINGLE SPINE SALARY. Ghana’s single spine pay policy (SSPP) was introduced as an attempt It is worth noting that the SSPP replaced Ghana Universal Salary Structure (GUSS).

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This has generated a lot of conflict among competing stakeholders including suspicions, disagreement and strike actions in the process. Another issue that xpine be salwry to have been considered is the wage bill. President Akufo-Addo also advised public sector workers to adopt a positive attitude towards work.

There is the ghana single spine salary structure to standardize and set ghana single spine salary structure across the public sector on allowances and benefits. The structure should have a means to compensate employees for their individual performance and their contribution as it relates to the performance of the public sector.

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There are a significant number of activities that must be undertaken before the single pay spine can be fully implemented. Sapary example is provided below. The President said the review has become necessary because he wants to establish a world-class labour force comparable to one anywhere in the world.

Notwithstanding the well-crafted nature and the objectives of the policy, its implementation has suffered challenges. There were several instances of malicious pay negotiations between the government and the trade unions in Ghana. Some features of this site may not work without it. Whether or not the jobs graded as Level 19 should continue ghana single spine salary structure that grade level depends on job evaluation and grading decisions.

Therefore, all jobs remain graded in accordance with their current structure and the movement on the grade structure is not affected ghana single spine salary structure the single pay spine structure. The first four of which are also key pillar of compensation:.

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It would be expected, however, that these positions would be comparable. He said a committee would be formed soon to make recommendations to government on the way forward. However, the salarj income earners who are paid high wages see their wages stagnate until they are promoted to a higher rank or status in the profession.

Single Spine Salary Structure Archives –

In an effort to stabilize ghana single spine salary structure wage bill, they are ghana single spine salary structure this to ensure that the salaries paid are harmonized. The wage bill was rising at an alarming rate in the years and this was a way to ensure that it did not continue to destroy the economy. Sometimes, employees are rewarded through pay rises if they have achieved a certain milestone. Join or Log Into Facebook. Launched inthe SSSS was to promote equity within the public sector by ensuring that public sector workers received equal salaries for equal work done.

The next highest pay points for Level 19 Steps 1, 2 and 3 are 62, 61, and 60 respectively. If there are 6 steps on the grade which go from pay points 62 to 57, then the highest pay point for the position is Ghana, fair wages, single spine salary policy, salary Bossman E.

Single Spine Salary Structure levels for teachers

These challenges the study revealed have undermined the realization of the objectives. Payroll irregularities were the major skngle for this. You should however know that the Ghanaian ghana single spine salary structure of a Single Spine Salary structure is not completely the same as the orthodox spine pay structure. Expat salary in Vietnam.

Single Spine Salary Structure levels for teachers ▷

Show full item record. It is awarded according to productivity of the worker. A satisfied worker is one who receives their dues for the work they have done, but what does this have to do with the Single Spine Structure?


Productivity should be taken into consideration in the determination of remuneration for work done by employees in both ghana single spine salary structure private and public sectors. Job Evaluation Comprehensive job evaluation across the public sector will provide the basis for equity in terms of pay in the public sector and long term sustainability for fairness in pay.

Once all grades and steps in the GUSS matrix have been replaced by pay points, the GUSS grade structure will be completely redefined as follows extract only:. The public sector in Ghana has several divisions under the large umbrella of the public service.

The article offers some recommendations to address the challenges including high collaboration by the stakeholders, de-politicization of the process, financial availability by government to handle accommodation, massive education and among others.

In Ghana, it was evident that having dissatisfied workers created a huge problem. Establishment of the Fair Wages Commission This should be done within the next six weeks to enable them to take responsibility for the implementation of all matters related to public sector pay. An initial pay spine, therefore, would need to start just below this minimum and ghana single spine salary structure to a level just above this maximum.

Analysis of data collected revealed some of these challenges including high public expectations, dissatisfaction of the grading structure by some workers, inadequate ghana single spine salary structure and human resources facing the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission FWSCinadequate education, conditions of service and allowances of workers.

What is the importance of looking at the Single Spine chart?