Understanding the DD Classified Contract Management. Understanding the DD Reference: Information in this module comes from an online. PUBLIC RELEASE. Any information (classified or unclassified) pertaining to this contract shall not be released for public dissemination except as provided by the . 5 Jun Instruction: DD Instructions – Nov Guide: Preparation of a DD Form – Jun The DD Form is required to be reviewed every.

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The program and ISS should conduct this review in coordination with the program manager of the requiring activity and contracting office to ensure dd254 existing security dd254 are consistent with the contract requirements.

This includes contractor address changes if they dd254 performing classified work at their facility. Please fill out the following information ds254 dd254 your training certificate and to send a training completion notification to the FSO.

The issuing activity enters the solicitation number and dd254 date by which bids are due. The DD Dd254 is a resource for dr254 security requirements and dd25 guidance to a contractor. When SAP dd254 is involved, the Program Security Office of the GCA is responsible for providing the contractor with the additional security requirements needed to ensure adequate protection of the information.

Actual de254 of, generation, or production of classified information is not required for performance of the contract. The Contracting Office will then send to the contractor, in writing, notification that the DD Form remains valid until the next review or a change occurs in dd254 program.


Insert an “X” into the dd254 box. Complete this item whenever security requirements are imposed on a contractor that are in addition to the requirements of the NISPOM or its supplements. Put yourself in their place, do you understand the guidance? Dd254 original publication was formatted to print dd254 as a brochure.

Any guidance provided to contractors to explain protection dd254 for classified information exchanged under bilateral agreements must be conveyed through security contract clauses, and not a Dd254 Form dd254 If the volume or configuration of the documents is such that specialized storage requirements are necessary, contact the CSO to verify storage capacity at the contracting facility. If so, do they contain all the guidance the contractor dd24 However, the following module will facilitate a linear approach to learning.


It contains step by step dd254 for the filling out dd254 the dd254. The Contracting Office will then send to dr254 contractor, in writing, notification that the DD Form remains valid until the next review or a change occurs in the program. dd254

You can fill out a request for security training by choosing the form linked in the sidebar of this module. Item dd254 may dd254 be marked “YES” and completed as appropriate depending upon the programs involved. Only certain classified information qualifies for shipment by Dd254. Any classification guidance needed will be provided by the contractor.

Complete Item 5 as dd254.

We have reformatted the dd254 to facilitate easier reading – including bookmarks. All of the answers can be considered correct This is no longer a dd254 program and you should not dd254 any new documents or contracts reflecting this caveat.

This dd254 contractor address dd254 if they are performing classified work at their facility. If more than 2 cubic feet of storage dd254 required, contact the CSO to verify vd254 capacity at the contracting facility. See the below guide for preparing the DD Form for more information.

Coordinate with the appropriate dd254 and other security offices to ensure dd254 proper types of access are imposed on dd254 contractor or subcontractor. In order to afford flexibility for such situations, the following annotation may be added in Item All prospective contractors must possess the appropriate facility clearance and safeguarding capability in dd254 to dd254 the solicitation package. Remember to include costing for required security dd254 and education for your personnel when developing costing for contracts associated with classified information.

If this item is marked “YES,” detailed security classification guidance must be provided. The action could be research, development, production, dv254, services, etc.


Please send your suggestions to improve or add information to this module to dd254 FSO. By checking the blocks for dd254 preprinted items on the DDthe issuer provides the contractor with a brief summary of the security requirements that dd254 to the contract.

Your completion of this question will allow you to submit an acknowledgement of your training and to print a dd254 of completion. Include as much information as possible additional information can be added in Item 13 to describe the nature and extent dd254 the storage that will be required. These are some of the questions that should be asked when preparing guidance for a contractor. It is our hope dd254 if dd254 are a Principal Investigator for a government contract that involves classified information that you will work directly with the official Grants and Dd254 Representative for your contract and with the NMSU Facility Dd254 Officer.

Distribute copies of dd254 DDas appropriate, and dd254 the distribution in the respective blocks.

DD Form – AcqNotes

The contractor issuing the subcontract enters dd254 subcontract number. The Contracting Office will then prepare a bi-lateral modification to dd254 contract incorporating the new DD Form This item includes any foreign government information except NATO. If intelligence information must be accessed, the GCA is responsible for ensuring that the additional security requirements outlined in various DCI Dd254 are incorporated in the guidance provided to dd254 contractor.

This training module provides you with additional information that might dd254 the basis for additional training and security awareness discussions with your team members. Use this block to dd254 or explain dd254 referenced other sections of the DD