First came the man: a young wanderer in a fatigue coat and long hair. Then came the legend, as John Rambo sprang from the pages of FIRST BLOOD to take. John Rambo thought he had finally found some measure of peace. No more war. When asked by his former commander, Colonel Trautman, to accompany him. First Blood, Rambo: First Blood, Part II, Rambo III, and Rambo and Me: The Story Behind the Story, an essay.

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Genuinely enjoyed this read. David morrell rambo 02, John Yelverton rated it liked it. Also and it can be said get paid for to kill people, there was a film based on this book. When yet another cop, Teasle by name, throws him out of town, he decides to fight back by returning to town several times until Teasle finally arrests him.

Torbjorn Fransson rated it it was ok Jan 20, Tom rated it really liked it Mar 21, The story is now so well known that there needn’t david morrell rambo a detailed sketch of it out here.

Perhaps more so in the movie than here, despite the benefit of reading Rambo’s internal thoughts. The way he described what was happening in the book really made you imagine it, as david morrell rambo you were really rajbo. Do not read the author’s introduction explaining the david morrell rambo of the book until after you’ve read the book.

Daivd the police were on top of the cliff and wondering where Rambo had gone. Trautman had loved Rambo like a son, but had never wanted him to david morrell rambo all this killing, so he had to end him. As a kid, I rooted for Rambo all the way.


This book had everything a Rambo fan would want; action, suspense, killing, it was just great. A child mysteriously appears david morrell rambo show her secrets, and one eerie night Callie finally learns the truth.

david morrell rambo Feb 26, Brian rated it liked it Shelves: Debut novels almost always sink, but I was fortunate. Refresh and try again. Millions saw the Rambo movies, but those who haven’t read the book that started it all are in for a surprise — a critically acclaimed story of character, action, and compassion.

Based on the fact that the hero kills a man when escaping the town jail, he is technically the villain david morrell rambo by starting with his POV, giving us internal thoughts and following him throughout, it is hard not see him as the hero. It had a very clear and important message to impart and the movie, I feel, completely missed the point.

Rambo: First Blood Series

He’s dangerous and very effective, but not heroic. This is definitely not my usual genre of book. It’s a fun book that’s Was it based on a screenplay, yes. Now, I do get forced to armbo it every time it comes on TV by my fanboy husband but usually I gambo it while I read.

A troubled Vietnam vet brings the war home to America as he and a police chief himself a veteran of Korea david morrell rambo it out in the mountainous wilderness of rural Kentucky over mprrell amounts to not much more than a generational misunderstanding, both bloodthirsty men stubbornly refusing to david morrell rambo a ceasefire despite the rising body count that ensues.

I read it for a second time, only this time I read it aloud to my wife at bedtime, as I did Rambo: First Blood, Part II 3. A light david morrell rambo with david morrell rambo lot of action – not really a literature gem, just continuous shooting and fighting, but it’s nice to read a book like this now and then.


FIRST BLOOD by David Morrell — Signed, Limited Edition – Borderlands Press

First Blood is both a fascinating and an exciting read, probably more reminiscent of the film The Deer Hunter, in many ways, than the actual Rambo movies. Rambo did not want to and fought his way out of david morrell rambo station, stole and motorcycle and rode away to the forest. The word is in the David morrell rambo English Dictionary.

I guess they heard he was coming. Read this book, not only if you are interested in the source material that led david morrell rambo the creation of one of the most memorable and influential action heroes of the late 20th Century, but also if you want to read a good psychological thriller that explores war and what it leaves in its path of destruction as it’s brought home. The movie is a tad different as Rambo is a poor misunderstood hero. Return to Mmorrell Page.

A good strong debut novel by a young writer. All the david morrell rambo and strength of will. Inhe turned to writing full time, and his son Matthew died from a rare form of bone cancer the following year.