ANSYS Mechanical APDL Command Reference – Ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. ansys apdl. 29 Aug One of the most powerful things about ANSYS Mechanical is the fact The arguments are explained in the Command Reference in the help. 1 Apr Welcome to the Command Reference. This reference contains a complete dictionary of detailed command descriptions, arranged in.

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But if the node ordering is the same the topology then you can make that change using the ET command. EDRI – Defines inertia ansys command reference for a new rigid body that is created when a deformable part is switched to rigid in an explicit dynamic analysis. FCUM – Specifies that commanf loads are to be accumulated.

SSPD – Specifies a preintegrated bending stiffness for shell sections. SQRT ansys command reference Forms the square root of a variable. LDIV – Divides a single line into two or more lines. FTYPE – Specifies the file type and pressure type for the subsequent import of source points and pressures.

Mechanical Engineering

You will need to go there geference you are ansys command reference to play with file names. You put them in real constants. DUMP – Dumps ansys command reference contents of a binary file.


KSEL – Selects a subset of keypoints or hard points. ADDAM – Specifies the acceleration spectrum computation constants for the analysis of shock resistance of shipboard structures.

ANSYS Command File Creation and Execution

RSYS – Activates a coordinate system for rference or display of element and nodal results. SOLU – Specifies solution summary data per substep ansys command reference be stored. ASLL – Selects those areas containing the selected lines. SFE – Specifies surface loads on elements. HFANG – Defines or ansys command reference spatial angles of a spherical radiation surface for sound radiation parameter calculations.

Every element in your model is assigned properties that define the element.

Mapping Processor Commands 2. PLF2D – Generates a contour line plot of equipotentials. The official explanation is: LFSURF – Generates surface elements overlaid on the edge of existing solid elements and assigns the extra node as the closest fluid element node. PSEL – Selects a path or paths. GP – Defines a gap condition for transient analyses.

SSPM rfference Specifies mass density for a preintegrated shell section. GSGDATA – Specifies the reference point and defines the geometry in the fiber ansys command reference for the generalized plane strain element option. L2TAN – Generates a line tangent to two lines. AL – Generates an area bounded by previously defined lines. LCSL – Divides ansys command reference lines at their point s of intersection.


NSLK – Selects those nodes associated with the selected keypoints. Sir, thats the problem….

ANSYS Command File Creation and Execution

PLLS – Displays element table items as contoured areas along elements. PLMC ansys command reference Plots the modal coordinates from a mode-superposition solution. Ajsys – Specifies nodal data to be stored from the results file.

If you issue an NSEL and get say the nodes on the top of your part that you want to apply a load to. BLC5 – Creates a rectangular area or block volume by center and corner points. Any characters to the right of one are ansys command reference by the program. NANG – Rotates a nodal coordinate system by direction cosines.