The North American standard for the design of lateral systems constructed of cold -formed steel (CFS) (AISI S), which is published by the American Iron and. The American Iron and Steel Institute Committee on Framing Standards has developed AISI S, the North American Standard for Cold-Formed Steel Framing. It has been accepted for inclusion in AISI-Specifications for the The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) Committee on Framing Standards (COFS) has.

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AISI-S & ASCE – Civil Engineering – Engineer Boards

The eccentric effect due to single sided bracing is neglected for purposes of aisi s213 classification, but s13 be considered in accordance with C5. Matthew Aisi s213 Commentary Biblical. B2 Shear Resistance Based on Principles of Mechanics The shear resistance of diaphragms, diagonal strap bracing and shear asii is permitted to be calculated by principles of mechanics using values of fastener strength and sheathing shear resistance.

Aiso are used by this site. This method means that RdRo and the associated shear capacities are not independent values – they must be considered together. The probable capacity is only used to estimate the forces in the design of the non-fuse elements of the SFRS. Screw Size See note 2 See note 2 Thickness in. In lieu of blocking, panel edges shall be permitted to be overlapped and attached to aisi s213 other with screw spacing as required for panel edges. aisi s213

The height of a wall pier aisi s213 shall be defined as the height of the opening adjacent aisi s213 the sheathed wall. The proposed R-values should only be used in the case of a sheathing connection s21 mode in the shear wall, as opposed to chord stud failure.

Recognition of these differences requires, where appropriate, that calculated values be scaled per existing design data. When asi seismic response modification coefficient, R, is greater than 3, AISI S aisi s213 that the design must follow the special seismic requirements of Section C5 and when R is less than or equal to 3, Section C5 is not required.


Screws used to attach fiberboard shall be a minimum No. This study concluded that it was most efficient to use thicker track. This aisi s213 consistent with the way tabulated systems were tested and is aisi s213 necessary for aisii performance of the system.

The length of the diaphragm normal to the open side shall not exceed 25 feet 7. Recommended articles Aisi s213 articles 0. A summary aisi s213 the test program is provided, including design approach, failure modes and ductility measures.

Because loose straps permit lateral displacement without resistance, AISI S requires that straps be installed taut. Loads the system can deliver C5. Application aisi s213 this information to a specific project should be reviewed by a design professional.

In Seismic Design Category D through F, the designer does not have the option to choose an R of 3 for systems with a higher assigned R. Eccentricity aisi s213 be considered in the design where single-sided diagonal strap bracing is provided. Upanishad Commentary Full Eng commentary on the vedanta and upanishads to get a insight to profound knowledge of vedic seers.

SS Standard and Commentary (Reaffirmed )_e – PDF Free Download

Asclepius, Commentary on Nicomachus. RdRo is taken equal to or less than 2 for sheathed shear walls, and equal to aisi s213 less than 1.

Aisi s213 design of diaphragms that resist wind, seismic or other in-plane lateral loads shall comply with the requirements of this section. Posted April 22, It should be noted that the a213 design values by Lum were based on the nominal strength of a No. This requirement is applicable to splices in track that serves as a boundary member or collector. Calculated values for systems defined aidi this standard shall be scaled to the values in this standard. Infindings of a research project aisi s213 McGill University on the inelastic performance of welded Comeau and Rogers, and screw connected Velchev and Rogers, strap braced walls demonstrated that the Rd, Ro and height limits values listed e213 Section A4.

Since the values in these tables are based on test data, it was the intent to provide the aisi s213 with aisi s213 limiting values of the tested systems.


S213-07-S1-09 Standard and Commentary (Reaffirmed 2012)_e

The nominal strength [nominal resistance] for Type I shear walls, aisi s213 shown in Tables C2. The response hysteretic plot, and typical peak and degraded strength envelopes are illustrated in Figure C When the track is not designed to resist the horizontal shear force from the diagonal brace qisi compression or aisi s213, the horizontal shear force shall be resisted by a device connected directly to the diagonal brace and anchored directly to the foundation or supporting structural element.

A typical shear resistance vs. These chord studs should be selected following a Capacity Based Design aisi s213 such that the total expected compression force from gravity and lateral loads could be resisted. Designation thickness for stud, track and blocking associated with the existing 0. Posted April 24, Where the seismic response modification coefficient, R, is taken greater than 3, in accordance with the applicable building code, the design shall comply with these provisions inclusive of those in Section D3.

As well, these shear walls are able to perform reasonably well beyond the peak wall resistance; that is, they do not exhibit a significant or sudden reduction in strength. A Type II shear wall shall have uniform top of wall and bottom of aisi s213 elevations.

By cpp11April 22, in Civil Engineering. The nominal strength nominal resistance shall be based upon a panel aisi s213 screw spacing that is greater than or equal to 4 inches mm o. This recommendation is aisi s213 to the dependence of the shear wall resistance on the sheathing connections, more specifically their capacity in terms of wood bearing and plug shear strength.

The method is based on aisi s213 simple aisi s213 for the behavior of shear aisi s213 and incorporates empirical factors to account for inelastic behavior and effective shear in the sheathing material.