A Short History Of English Literature [Ifor Evans] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Short History of English Literature. Front Cover. Ifor Evans, Bernard Bergonzi. Penguin Books, – Literary Criticism – pages. Contributor, Ifor Evans. Edition, 4, illustrated, reprint. Publisher, Penguin Books, ISBN, X, Length, pages. Subjects.

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The idea of a collection of stories Chaucer may have had from Boccaccio’s Decameron, but he borrowed little more than the initial idea. About, about, in reel and rout The death-Iires danced evanss night; The water, like a witch’s oils, Burnt green, and blue and white. But the labour is that of a new form adapting itself to English after a period when some of the measures of verse have been wayward.

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Compared with the romances, the iite of the medieval lyric has been strong and enduring. That ever this should be! This mars some of the effects of two poems, ‘Eloisa to Abelard’ and the ‘Elegy to tite Memory of an Unfortunate Lady’, where the gentler and more romantic sides of his nature struggled for expression.

A short history of English literature. Now in this larger volume the record of criticism and comment is confirmed by a wide range of carefully chosen quotations. For we, which now behold these present days, Have eyes to wonder, but Jack tongues to praise.

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Yet many readers find Shelley’s poetry unsatisfactory. Above all there is a feeling for nature in descriptions which introduce something new in Ifir poetry. Nor was Langland’s poem the only one which came out of the West Country. Strong in thyself, and powerful to give strength!

Gather the Rose of love, whilest yet is time Whilest loving thou mayst loved be with equal crime. But his sincerity in recording life as it was, and his eye for detail, have given The VillageThe Parish Registerand Tales in Verse an attraction for any- one who may submit himself to it.


So it is that our first English poem is a Scandinavian story, brought over by Angles, and made into a poem in England. A short history of english literature by ifor evans The Lost Literature of Medieval England which shows how many references there are to poems no a short history of english literature by ifor evans extant, to heroes unknown, and to stories now unrecorded.

He also hopes that his work will enlarge the knowledge of the ‘boys of England’, in English itself. It is strange how often a nation’s hour of trial produces a a short history of english literature by ifor evans figure.

It was as if the sensitive mind in that robust age was driven in upon itself into self-laceration and anguish. In Chaucer’s age the English language was still divided by dialects, though London was rapidly making East- Midland into a standard language.

Only twenty-six years later a disastrous fire broke out in the library, and the Beowulf manuscript narrowly escaped. He had the ambition to write, in English, poems which would be great and revered, as the classical epics of Homer and Vergil had been, or the new ambitious romantic poetry of Ariosto and Tasso. Whatever has been gained by our predecessors has been hardly won, and the mental anarchy, which lays it in ruins in order to build the new Jerusalem in its place, smacks of the sin which Lucifer shared with little Bethel.

Ifor Evans finds room occasionally to squeeze in such a remark as: All this should be remembered when the attempt is made, as so often, to judge Coleridge solely from three poems, ‘The Ancient Mariner’, ‘Kubla Khan’, and ‘ChristabeP, composed during the period of his closest association with Wordsworth. Lydgate is a translator, and at least he made available in English a large number of stories and romances. He is the first man m England to be working consciously at prose and to be making something of it.


Often in his verses he returns to the image of a boat upon a moonlit sea; or the crescent moon itself, shaped like a boat, burning in the clear Italian night.

The theme is played in the mood of courtly love, medieval not classical. The German tribes, though they warred with each other, and with anyone else within reach, had a ‘free trade’ in stories.

The admirable Utters and Journals show how easily his whale nature flowed in this Italian period and the result was the three satires through which his name as a histor is best remembered. Ifor EvansBernard Bergonzi. Spectator Archive by Netcopy.

A Short History Of English Literature Ifor Evans

His verses had grace and wit, and his love lyrics and madrigals have found sgort place in the anthologies. They were suc- ceeded by Edmund Spenser c. He was a pupil of the monastery school at Winchester, where scholarship was cherished, and later he was a teacher in the Abbey at Cerne Abbas.

Auden words Wordsworth writers wrote. So in Auguries of Innocence which, with his lyrics, is one ofhis most simple, poetical statements: Much of this interest was linked with a generous sentiment towards humanity, and towards movements, such as Methodism, which drew attention to the great gulf between the wealthy and elegant society of the cen- tury and the condition of those who lived in a short history of english literature by ifor evans poverty.